Frequently Asked Questions

When should I repair my watch?

Every machine, even a tiny one such as a watch, requires maintenance and maintenance. The watch’s movement is a beautiful machine consisting of 200 different parts. It is lightly oiled and greased on specific details. This small amount of oil and grease is dried or depleted by the watch’s movement. If the movement is dirty and dry, This may reduce the accuracy and power reserve of the eye. This is the first sign that maintenance may be needed. Treat mechanical or electronic watches with professional service every 4-6 years to ensure that the hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed correctly.

Is there free shipping?

Yeas! offers free international shipping on orders. To ensure safe delivery in the specified country, you must ship your order using the complete detailed tracking shipping method. Unfortunately, free standard shipping is not available everywhere. Free shipping will be quoted at the shipping check-out for countries not covered.

How long will delivery take?

If possible, we will ensure that you provide online tracking to track your delivery using our online tracking feature, which is via email we send or from your My Account online section. Paths can be accessed.

Does my watch come with a warranty?

All brands we carry are backed by an international manufacturer’s warranty. All warranty issues must be dealt with directly by the watchmaker, so be sure to keep your electronic invoice to prove your purchase from an authorized retailer. For full warranty terms and repair procedures, contact the manufacturer directly using the warranty card or the information on the manufacturer’s website. Manufacturer’s warranty generally does not apply batteries, crystals, straps, bracelets. Damage due to improper maintenance, lack of care, accident, or accidental wear. Damage caused by contact with an object. Water loss.

The clock is foggy on the glass. What kind of care do you need?

If the mist disappears within a few minutes after the glass surface has dried, there is no problem. However, if it is cloudy for a long time, there may be a problem with the water seal.
Visit the support page on our website to find and contact the nearest call center.

Where can I get a watch for my watch?

The dealer provides a guarantee for the watch at the time of purchase. If you do not receive one, please contact the seller. Since the warranty cannot be renewed, please keep it for a more extended warranty period.